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Extensions Vs Other Options

Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions are luxurious and elegant extensions of your own natural lashes. Single synthetic strands are applied one by one to replicate your lashes only longer, thicker and more luscious! 

Xtreme Lashes® Stylists Are Professionally Trained 
For the safest application of Xtreme Lashes® we provide students with highly efficient and professional training programs.    To be able to purchase any of the Xtreme Lashes® products including participating in training, all stylists must have a qualification or license in the health and beauty industry. This ensures all clients are receiving the highest quality of service and a safe and hygienic application. Before receiving the certificate of completion of the training program, all stylists must clearly demonstrate they are confident and capable of providing clients with a safe, hygienic and perfect application according to set criteria. 
Xtreme Lashes® Uses the Safest Eyelash Extension Adhesives 
All of the Xtreme Lashes® adhesives are medical grade and are created with the  same ingredients that are used in adhesives in hospitals to close wounds. 
Xtreme  Lashes® Maintain a Natural Appearance 
Certified Xtreme Lash stylists personally create individual designs for each  and every client. This is determined by the eye shape, eye colour, and natural  lash length/thickness. The extensions are applied one by one to single natural lashes. The Xtreme Lashes® range of extensions varies from 6mm through to 17mm and come in three different thicknesses to customise your preferred look. With regular refills (2 to 4 weeks), you will have constant full and luscious lashes. 
Xtreme  Lashes® Semi- Permanent Eyelash Extensions Are Durable 
Other types of false lashes are adhered with adhesives that are temporary which means you are unable to perform most physical activities. Xtreme Lashes® adhesives and lashes are designed so that you virtually can not feel them. They are water resistant, perspiration proof and weigh the same as natural lashes. 
Simplify your life with Xtreme Lashes® Semi- Permanent Eyelash Extensions 
Eyelash extensions are fantastic for the busy woman, you will no longer suffer from the common case of panda eyes as the extensions will open the eyes to create a more youthful look and diminish the need for mascaras. The extensions will darken the lash line so that eyeliner is also not necessary. If you still want to use these products, Xtreme Lashes® have designed a cosmetics range which works in sync with the lashes. The range consists of oil free products  that will not break down the adhesive bonds and will prolong the life of the extensions. 
Easy Care & Lasting Results 
After application by a certified lash stylist the extensions can last up to 2 months or until the natural lash has shed. Eyelashes have growth cycles of 60 to 90 days to which they then naturally shed. This is something most people do not notice as baby lashes begin to grow before the mature lashes shed. As the lashes shed this is when you will require refills or tops ups. Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions are easy to maintain although the first 48 hours after  application clients should avoid touching or getting them wet as this may interfere with the adhesive curing properly. 
False Eyelashes,  Faux Eyelashes or Fake Eyelashes compared to Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extension:  
False eyelashes are usually made up of synthetic or human hairs attached to a strip. They come in many different shapes and designs for all different purposes. These are then attached to the lash line by a specially formulated temporary adhesive. 
Most are reusable several times but will eventually become messy and need to be  thrown out. They can also be very tricky to apply. You cannot sleep with the lashes on as the adhesive may block glands and follicles which may lead to  irritation. The adhesive may become weak during physical activities from heat or perspiration and may fall off. Lashes that are longer in size may be very heavy on the lids and can feel uncomfortable. The adhesive can be a problem for contact lens wearers. If the adhesive was to come in contact with the lens it may destroy it. Frequent use of false lash strips can cause irreparable damage  to the natural lashes and/or balding. Removal of the lashes must be done very carefully as the adhesive may pull out natural lashes prematurely and prevent  the re-growth cycle. 
In comparison to false lashes, Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash extensions are virtually  weightless and feel completely natural. Due to them being attached one by one to the natural lashes and not the skin there is little chance of irritation. You are able to sleep with Xtreme Lashes® adhered which cuts down time in the mornings as you do not have to reapply. 
The lashes fall off when the natural lash is ready to shed and a new lash has already begun to grow. This means you are never left with gaps in the lash line. 


For clients who have very fair lashes this is a procedure that will darken the  natural lashes. It takes approx 30 to 45 minutes and will not lengthen or thicken the lashes. Xtreme Lashes® will cover the tint therefore it is not necessary with extensions but can be used in conjunction with Xtreme Lashes®. We recommend having your lashes tinted 48 hours prior to having Xtreme Lashes® extensions applied so that there is no tinting residue left on the lashes. 


Coating the natural lashes with a formula designed to thicken, lengthen and darken is the most used method of improving the eye area by woman around the world. Although it is quick and easy, mascaras do have their cons. Mascaras (even the water proof formulas) can run when it comes in contact with water,  humidity, tears, and perspiration leaving you with panda eyes. 

Women are always on the hunt for the perfect mascara that gives you an end result like the advertising campaigns. This is impossible to achieve with  mascaras alone as the ads use false lashes or extensions. Removing mascara can be tedious and requires the use of products that can irritate and damage the  skin around the eye area.

  • Over use of mascaras can dry out the natural lashes and cause damage. Without  proper removal of the mascara, glands around the eye can become blocked and  react.
  • Xtreme Lashes® compared to Mascara means you can have the desired thickness and  length without clumpy spidery lashes.
  • Morning routines are shortened as you no  longer need to spend time applying coat after coat to get the desired look.
  • Lashes can last indefinitely with regular refills. The extensions are applied to single natural lashes and 1mm away from the base of the eye lid which  prevents any irritations or reactions caused by blocked follicles. With the largest range of lashes available, you can create the most natural set of lashes to the most Xtreme dramatic look!


Clusters or Flare lashes are bunches of about 5-8 individual lashes that have  been put together and knotted at the base. These are then attached to the lashes using a specially formulated adhesive that is temporary. They can vary in sizes ranging from small through to large. They are great for adding extra  volume to the lash bed and even extending the outer corners which is a look a  lot of people desire. They are more natural looking than strip lashes and do  have a lot of the same downfalls such as: The adhesive can become weaker if exposed to heat, perspiration or water and may come loose/fall off. They need to be attached to more than one single lash as the natural lashes will not be  able to hold the weight of the cluster. If you have rather sparse lashes this  may be hard to apply. If the lashes are adhered to the skin around the eye area you run the risk of irritation and possible reactions. Cluster lashes are temporary and would not last more than one day. Unlike Xtreme Lashes®, clusters are temporary and cannot come in contact with water or still be applied while sleeping. 


The procedure for eyelash implants consists of hair follicles being harvested from a small area of the scalp, prepared and than implanted into the eyelid.  This is all done with a local anesthetic. Eyelash implants can cost anywhere between $2500 to $3000 per eye lid. Results are noticeable after approx 3  months. Because the hair implanted to the eyelid is human hair it continues to  grow which means it needs to be trimmed and curled every 6 weeks. The procedure is surgical and does leave small scars in the implant location. This is a  procedure that is only recommended to patients who suffer from permanent lash loss, severe burns or scarring. It is not recommended for cosmetic purposes  only. There are serious complications that are related to this surgery  including the following:


  • Madarosis – Permanent loss of eyelashes
  • Trichiasis – Ingrown eyelashes and growth misdirection of the lashes
  • Blepharitis – Irritation of the lid margin where eyelashes join the eyelid
  • Infestations – Parasites which can attack eyelashes
  • Styes and Chalazions – Small tumors of the eyelid 


 Due to the hair being human hair it will constantly keep growing which will require trimming. Trimming the lashes will result in blunt ends where as lash extensions are tapered to a fine tip for a natural look. With regular refill your Eyelash extensions will always look full and luscious without the need to trimming or curling. If the procedure is not done correctly there is a risk of the lashes growing out in different directions. Xtreme Lashes® are always places in the perfect position for the lash to sit straight and give the desired look. The application of eyelash extensions does not have the risks associated with implants. 

    One of the fastest and easiest ways to open the eyes and give a more youthful look is to use a mechanical eye curler/ although they are quick there are several concerns with using them:    

  • Misuse of the curler can lead to broken and damaged lashes.
  • When over used on already damaged lashes you can cause permanent lashes loss/broken lashes.
  • The clamping device can catch the skin of the eyelid and cause pain and discomfort 

  Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions provide length and volumes to lashes and do not require daily maintenance. They add a  more defined look without risking breaking lashes.   

Single synthetic lashes that can be adhered to the skin on the eyelid or clustered together (usually about 3 lashes together & knotted at the base) and adhered to the natural lashes. These are attached using a temporary adhesive which can easily become unstuck due to heat, perspiration and water.  When wearing individual lashes they can become heavy on the eyelids. The  adhesive if not removed properly can block the hair follicles and case irritation. Contact wearers should be aware that if the adhesive comes in contact with the lenses they can become damaged. Due to the adhesive being adhered to the skin there is more of a risk of irritation or reaction. Frequent use of the individual lashes can cause damage to the natural lashes or even  premature lash loss. Long term use can cause permanent damage to the hair follicles and even baldness. 

In comparison to individual lashes, Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are almost weightless and provide a natural look. The extensions are applied with a permanent adhesive so you perform most physical activities without worrying about lashes falling off. Due to the extensions being attached to one single natural lash 1mm from the base of the lid there is minimal chance of irritation or reaction. 

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