Glamour Queen or Natural Beauty? Which lash is right for you?

Of course, many different things go into the decision of choosing the RIGHT eyelash extensions for your lash application. From physical traits like eye shape and natural lash properties to lifestyle indicators like maintenance routine and activity choices, a number of items are evaluated by your Lash Stylist to select…

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Eyelash Extensions Training – What you need to know

Women have been batting their lashes for decades and in the time that eyelash extensions have been improving beauty routines, there have been many advances, and unfortunately shortcuts within the lash industry. Xtreme Lashes has worked hard to educate clients on the importance of quality eyelash extensions training and professional…

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Top 3 things you need to know about eyelash extensions

“You look different, what have you done?” is the question we like to hear when we’ve had a beautiful set of natural eyelash extensions applied. Ever seen a set of eyelash extensions enter a room before anyone else?  I often ask myself is it an everyday solution or a one…

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Cheap Eyelashes – Experience the difference

If it’s price that drives your decision making process, then there’s no limit of cheap eyelash extensions services about. In fact they are everywhere! Personally when I shop I love nothing more than a good offer. Something that is of value, quality and a high standard at a great price.…

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Eyelash Extensions Reviews

One of our favourite parts of our business is reading the post training testimonials. We love client feedback! “Thank you Fran, you are an amazing trainer who covered the topic in such detail. I am so happy there was a practical component to help improve any areas that needed improving.…

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Cheap lashes ain’t nice and nice lashes ain’t cheap…

XL-BRANDING“Beauty, Science and Safety” is the motto of Xtreme Lashes® President and Founder Jo Mousselli, setting her company apart with its standards in professionalism, training and product safety, earning the title of Global Leaders in the Eyelash Extension Industry.

Recently awarded BEST EYELASHES, BEST ADHESIVE and BEST EYELINER in the Launchpad Readers Choice Awards 2016.

Our stylists have researched and invested in order to provide their client’s with quality products, service and results. And here’s what you’re getting for your money:

BEAUTY = 10 years strong in the Beauty Industry as Global Leaders in Eyelash Extensions with over a dozen award winning cosmetics and after care available too. Also voted Favourite Eyelash Extension Brand, with over 15,000 stylists trained worldwide and franchises found in over 27 countries.

SCIENCE = Our products and adhesives are specially formulated in an FDA approved facility and have been developed by a team of Scientists, Doctors, Nurses and Stylists in our USA research and development department. NO ‘re-brands’ of generic adhesives (that can often be found online and relabeled).

SAFETY = Xtreme Lashes® products (including after care, cosmetics and application supplies) have been through quality control at our head office in the USA and researched and tested PRIOR to being launched. Our Flex Fusion adhesives are Medical Grade and made in the USA and this safety information is supplied to our clients. Our stylists undergo a rigorous (and internationally recognised) certification process after their 2 day training in order to ensure their work is at standard before applying to clients.




To find a lash stylist near you visit our “Find a lash stylist” page.

Why Choose Xtreme?

Become a lash stylist.

Franchise proves Xtremely successful

As seen in the Maroondah Leader: What started as sisters testing fake eyelashes has grown into a successful enterprise. Croydon’s Cathy White, Louise Weston and Fran Neal started their franchise Xtreme Lashes in 2005 and have since trained 1500 stylists. Mrs White said it all started after a cousin’s trip…

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Top ten things we want YOU to know about Eyelash Extensions!

Many eyelash extension products on the market are a re-brand of the same generic product from the same supplier! Not ours! Specially developed all the way by our team of industry professionals. It naturally costs a bit more for a better product and service. They say ‘Poor man pays twice’,…

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Social Media Tips

We’ve put together our Top 10 Tips for attracting more business on Facebook. Did you know our Facebook page can help yours? ___________________________________________________________ Let us know your Facebook page so that we can link it to our “Stylist Directory” page which attracts over 3000 views per month Follow Xtreme Lashes…

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