Eyelash Extensions Reviews

training melbOne of our favourite parts of our business is reading the post training testimonials. We love client feedback!

training-melb2“Xtreme Lashes were brilliant from booking for my workshop to the perfect techniques taught by the trainers. The quality of the products are outstanding as well as the two day training layout. I am absolutely over the moon with everything about the company and cant wait to start my new lashes!” Hannah Bates – Macquarie Skin and Day Spa

“Overall tops any training I have done. It was all very professional. The trainer was very knowledgeable regarding the product and it was all designed very well.” Jesse – Beautique

“The quality of the training echos the quality of the product. It was informative and interesting throughout no part felt long or boring, its a comfortable environment and enjoyable to learn. Its a fantastic company with amazing staff. I am excited to be part of such an incredible company.” Emily Kiddle – Lash Effects by Alana

“This training is an absolute must for all the therapists out there that want a quality product. Not only are the lashes, glue and products among the best in the world, the training and support are also excellent. You really do get what you pay for. There is no compromise for quality and your clients will feel this.” 
Anna – Perth

“Xtreme Lashes is definitely the best in the industry. I wish clients would do more research before they trust someone with their eyes. Xtreme Lashes is all about client safety and have the highest standards. There are many dodgy operators out there and Xtreme Lashes DEFINITELY are not one of them! Well done guys!” Lee Ann – Pamper me Perfect

“Having done another lash course prior to coming here I had my doubts thinking that maybe I was wasting my money and still wouldn’t be able to do it. After 2 informative, yet fun days I feel so confident and proud of myself. All thanks to the incredible training.” Kelsey Sacco

“I love Xtreme Lashes. The ladies there were wonderful. I could have done a week’s worth of training, it was THAT much fun. The products are beautiful and also natural. I’m proud to become an Xtreme Lashes consultant.” Sarah Bonanno

“The Xtreme Lasxtreme-lashes-training1hes training was well delivered and informative. I was shown the current way to apply lashes for longevity. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. She was on my level at all times. She encouraged and never made me feel that I was not performing well. I would recommend this course to anyone.” Fiona Peterson

“I thought the training was really good. Relaxing and ensured I was confident in each step.” Tess Moran

“I really enjoyed the lash training. The first day there was a lot of information to learn and the practical was challenging but by the second day I felt confident and started really seeing a difference on my clients eyes and started flowing more with my lash application.” Lucy McLean

“The training was very efficient, beneficial and professional. I am so glad I have done the course.” Badia Nafaoul

“I enjoyed the course. It was great and I feel that I have achieved what I wanted out the the course and look forward to do lashes in the future.” Jess Ryan

“The Xtreme Lashes course was a fantastic 2 days. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would highly recommend the course and the experience for anyone who is wanting to do a lash extension course.” Dominika Salamone

“Enjoyed the training and found it very informative in providing helpful tips on difficult moves and techniques.” Stacey – Gardel Skin and Beauty

“I found the course so easy to learn from and the trainer was excellent. I picked up the technique quickly due to how straight forward the course was plus hands on training was great.” Kristy Streater

“I really love Xtreme Lashes. They look amazing and feel soft. It is really exciting to be a part of a professional company and use the best lashes the industry has to offer on my clients.” Alisa Gonzalez

“Fantastic course! Close one on one training so you feel like you’re getting the attention from your trainer that you need. Fran was amazingly helpful and informative throughout the entire course. I can happily say that I feel confident that with more practice I will pick this up quickly and effectively.” Stacey Balakas

“After doing the 2 day course I feel I have the confidence to work with Xtreme Lashes. I really enjoyed the training and meeting new people” 
Nikki – Beautique

“Was an amazing training and a very relaxing environment to work in.” Shae Azzopardi

“Overall a great course and wonderful experience. I would highly recommend to those who are looking to do lash extensions with Xtreme Lashes. Fran was very welcoming. Her comments were constructive and kind. The hands on training allowed Fran to observe and point out things I was unaware of.” Leyla – B&B CO.

“I highly recommend this course. All the staff are so helpful and lovely. Fran was terrific. She was so helpful and informative and gave us lots of tips ” Danielle Salvatore

“Best training course and class ever. Had fun whilst learning much needed info! Fran you are lovely and approachable and so helpful. Appreciate it immensly!” Jenny Jakovljevic

training melb 3“Training with Xtreme Lashes is comprehensive and thorough. Knowing that I have trainied with the top products in lash extensions and to have continuous support with the team puts me at ease and I am confident that I will provide my clients with top notch lashes.” Catherine Ha

“Great training with full details about the whys and hows of of eyelash extensions. Loved that the health and future of the eyelashes featured in this training.” Barbara Barnard

“Thank you Xtreme Lashes! The team is amazing! I really enjoyed my 2 days training. I learnt so much without feeling overwhelmed. I am so much more confident and can not wait to provide this amazing product, brand and service to my clients!” Marina – Luxe Beauty Room

“Fantastic set up, extensively knowledgeable staff and clean environment. Great experience, hardly felt like it was training at all. Great fun.” Caitlyn Wood

“Never thought I would enjoy the training as much as I did! Frans instruction was very professional and kind.” Casey Campbell

“This course is great for building knowledge, skill and confidence. I found myself feeling capable and excited to learn something new. The product is great.” Amber Johnston

“Xtreme Lashes are a bubbly and bright salon with great training and amazing products.” Aspire Beauty and Body

“I found the Xtreme training to be very helpful in techniques from separating the lashes to holding tweezers to amount of adhesive on each lash and how to get the right amount on the lash.” Wendy – La Face

“The training I received with Xtreme Lashes was fantastic. I feel really confident with their brand and their products. My trainer Leah was fantastic. She provided me with so much information about the history of Xtreme Lashes as well as correct technique etc. Excited to start using Xtreme Lashes in our salon.” Nusha Barnes

“I loved the course, very informative, fantastic teacher. I can not wait to start this new service. Thank you.” Andrea Taranto

“Gtraining-Melbreat training, awesome knowledge. After two days I feel very confident to apply Xtreme Lashes.” Rema Warwar

“Highly recommend the Xtreme Lashes Course for high quality and awesome training above any other lash extension company.” Lorri Vivian

“Xtreme Lashes are amazing. It is worth every cent. The team at Xtreme Lashes are fantastic and very helpful. Love working with the products especially the Flex Fusion adhesive that is like no other glue on the market!” Studio M Artistry

“I have learned so much and am now very determined to pursue a career with eyelash extensions. Our trainer Leah was lovely. She provided valuable information, which will help me greatly.” Khanty Du Buisson Perrine

“The training with Xtreme Lashes has been invaluable to my business. Understanding the ethics and ideals behind the brand enables you to perform excellent eyelash extensions, and with confidence sing the quality of their products.” Serenity Skin & Body

“This course was amazing. I came from Newcastle and it was definitely worth the time and money because it has completely changed the way I view eyelash extensions. I feel confident with using the Xtreme Products because of their safety.” Natasha Stavropoulos

“I have learned so much and am now very detirmined to pursue a career with eyelash extensions. Our trainer Leah was lovely. She provided valuable information which will help me greatly.” Khanty Du Buisson Perrine

“The training with Xtreme Lashes has been invaluable to my business. Understanding the ethics and ideals behind the brand enables you to perform excellent eyelash extensions, and with confidence sing the quality of their products” Serenity Skin & Body

“I thought the training was really good. Bianca Was really clear and easy to understand. I felt really relaxed and comfortable to as questions.  Best training I have had.” Olivia Wood

“Absolutely loved my training with Xtreme Lashes, the products are flawless and
beautiful to work with. Can not wait to be certified and join the team! Thank you x.” Christina Lovrick

Em-lashes“Xtreme Lashes are an amazing group of girls who strive to deliver only the best education. Thanks.” Jessica Bradford

“Beautiful, helpful girls and extremely patient with me being new to this industry.” Deborah Anders

“I had a great 2 day training course. I have been lashing for 6 years and now feel I have learnt so much more in 2 days. Thank you for a confidence boost ladies.” Candice McDowell

“Our trainer was great! I learnt a lot :).” Alicia Poulton

“Our trainer was brilliant and we were given the help we know we needed. All her training & advice was given in a manner us non-beauty students (pre course) could understand. What I liked most was the consistent high quality service from our trainer that was friendly and non patronising.” Ashlee Galtry

“I am going home feeling 110% confident in offering my clients lash extensions that look great, feel great and I know they will be guaranteed to last! Xtreme is a brilliant company that has developed an amazing product that I cannot wait to use in Macquarie Medi Spa.” Macquarie Medi Spa Bathurst

“I would highly recommend anyone who was wanting to learn lash extensions the most professional and safest way I would recommend this course. The trainer was extremely knowlesgeable and there was plenty of practical experience. I will be coming back for the advanced course.” Tiffany Marwick

“Xtreme Lashes exceeded my expectation of both quality of pro
ducts and training delivery to their students. Anyone looking for a career in eyelash extensions would benefit from Xtreme with market leading technologu and safe effective methods in the eyelash industry.” Sherrie Vassiliudis

“Thank you Xtreme Lashes for a great 2 days of training, really appreciate the one on one even with a large group. Love the product, can not wait to experiment further.” Hannah Hegedus – High Glam Beauty

Xtreme-Lashes-certificate“Xtreme Lashes provide hands on, thorough training covering all aspects of providing clients with the best lash experience.” Ivy Milne – Bliss Beauty and Body

“Wonderful training thank you! Professional advice and service all round. Thank you :)” Amanda Pavleski – Bliss Beauty and Body

“Xtreme Lashes provide the highest level of training and product service available to us as clients who will benefit after the service is in our salon.” Chloe Watts – Bliss Beauty and Body

“Hiba was excellent, the way she delivered the course was very professional and made it interesting. Very good course location. I like the small attandance more one on which was great.” Grace

“Everything about the course was very hands on and lots of info. I do not even mind coming for 3 days. I feel so high with information and confident about the products, the training and the way I will deliver eyelash applications to my clients. Its (e)Xtreme all the way.” Mena Ngyuen

“Very impressed with the quality of the lashes and (e)Xtreme Products. Its great to be able to provide After Care Products for the clients which make us more professional. Very satisfied with the training which is so important to do everything right and systematically.” Linda Trang – N.V.S Beauty

“Fabulous, organised and very informative course. Thank you to Xtreme Lashes. I had a great experience. Can not wait to get started.” Hannah Wiedbalski – Minx Beauty and Tanning

“Enjoyed the training days. Hiba is a great teacher. Kind, gentle and willing to help students where she can. It is great that the classes are small.” Tina Reynolds

“The trainer was very effective 110%. Very clear and easy to understand” Tania

“What a fantastic course. After looking and researching I chose Xtreme Lashes as the course was longer and had more continuos support after you finish rather than getting you in and out in a day.” Chrissy Millar

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training workshop I attended. The Knowledge behind the product and technique is astounding and you can see why an Xtreme Certified Technicians truly are the best in the Industry.” Holly White – The Boudoir Lash Bar

“Thank you Bianca for introducing me to the world of Xtreme Lashes, I enjoyed every minute of it! Wish me luck and all the best to you :)” Nikita Pham

“Xtreme Lashes training is second to none. I felt I have learned to apply extensions with confidence and with no doubt in my mind the product is the best out there. I would recommend Xtreme to anyone who wants to start in Eyelash Extensions.” Tracey Keren

“I love It!!! Friendly, exciting, knowledgeable and I am looking forward to applying Xtreme Lashes. Bianca was amazing and made the time go by quickly, getting to the point with each subject and made it so easy for us to understand.” Sandra R

“I enjoyed the training more than I thought I would. The practical was not as frustrating as I thought it would be. The theory was useful and the right amount, not boring.” Erin Carruthers

“I love the new faux mink lashes. They feel and look so natural, and application time and wastage is reduced which is fantastic, as is the clean up time in between clients.” Kath Barber

“Our trainer was very effective, helpful, gave clear instructions and great guidance. Thank you all for going our of your way to pick me up and drop off to the train station. It was very much appreciated.” Tracey Vandy

“My favourite Xtreme Lashes product is the Flex Fusion adhesive because its perfect for my clients! No stinging, fast drying and you have a nice fresh set of lashes with no clumps of glue!” Allie Milner

“I think the course was perfect, I would not change a thing. Our trainer Bianca was awesome. I Can not wait until I start from home, practice makes perfect!” Chloe Damiani

“Very interesting 2 day workshop. I really enjoyed it I look forward to lots of practice and patience! Love the Product.” Kylie Paul

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. It was very professional and it was a lot more than I was expecting and it was not as daunting after starting the 2nd day” Leigh Church

“Xtreme Lashes are the best product I have worked with. Their procedures and products are brilliant and have made my work much better. I would not recommend any other product to salon owners or clients.” 
 Olivia Unosevic Define Hair and Beauty

“The two training days I attended was so helpful and made me confident to do eyelash extensions now on my clients. The procedure to do eyelash extensions the Xtreme way is a lot different to how I previously learnt but this technique works and I am 100% sure my clients will also love it.” 
-Mammoliti. Vanity Hair and Beauty Salon.

“After 12 months of research, I have found what I believe to be the best, most professional and supported lash system on the market. My clients trust and know I only use the best products. I can not wait to take this huge amount of information and knowledge to start applying lashes to my clients. The workshop was so informative and extremely detailed. The support during and after is more than you could ask for. Thank you Xtreme Lashes for the confidence in your lashes with the meticulous presentation.” 
- Kelly. Blissful Beauty/Blissful Occasions

“I loved learning about Xtreme Lashes! I have used other eyelash products, but nothing compares to the top of the line product that is Xtreme! Everything is covered in detail in powerpoint presentations and one on one training. I can not wait to start working with Xtreme on my clients!”

– Julia Sultan

“I have started using the new Flex Fusion system. I absolutely love it and have found that the lashes are lasting so much longer. I cant believe the difference. My clients are returning for refills, but they hardly require any new lashes.” 
- Leigh Jichelle Health & Beauty

“It is a great compliment to be recommended as the preferred stylist in my area by competitors using other brands! Just goes to show my hard work with Xtreme Lashes has paid off.” 
- Karen Handcock – Durack for Beauty

“I have been a beauty therapist for 20 years, and I have never attended a better training program then the one I attended in September with Xtreme Lashes. With the support of the salon owner, my enthusiasm has spread throughout the salon and now all the staff very keen to also attend Xtreme Lashes training.” 
- Kerrie Saliba – Embellaire

“Thank you Xtreme Lashes for the Roadshow Day. I am an Xtreme Lashes stylist and hairdresser and I love making my clients look and feel beautiful. This Roadshow day was motivating and educational. I enjoy meeting all the staff and other stylists as well as being able to see touch and feel the new products. I hope there will be more of this, keep it up.” 
- Louise Chung – Spada

“I really do love the Xtreme Lashes GlideLiner. I do not get panda eyes and it literally glides on!” 
- Lisa Benneworth  WINKBAR

To any beauty therapist/spa/salon who is looking to start eyelash extensions it is an amazing revenue builder and with the help, knowledge and professional approach Xtreme Lashes have, they are the best on the market!” 
- Leah- Retreat Hollistic Beauty

“I chose xtreme lashes to introduce into our clinic because I was impressed by the accreditation process we would have to go through for any of our beauticians to apply eyelash extensions and I am really so happy. Brooke is fantastic and she wants to learn and we as a Cosmetic Medicine practice can only afford to have the best work going out our door. My instinct has proven right to trust Xtreme Lashes in training Brooke and I hope in the future more staff thankyou for your attention to detail and quality as a Director I know really little of the skills required for this so I appreciate your business looking after my business.” 
- Dr Jo Turner SkinRevision

“Lash extensions were a product I researched before undertaking. Xtreme Lashes was by far the most professional well reputed company hands down. My clientele has tripled and most of all I LOVE doing Lashes! My clients are thrilled with the results.” 
- Michelle Condoluci

“The Training was very professional. I feel confident about the product because of the information given in the training and the support from the head office. It It feels good to be involved and be a part of the leading eyelash extensions group. The clients also feel confident in the product as they are aware of the extent of training each extensionist must do for certification.” 
- Fiona Lauder

“When I first decided to train in eyelash extensions, I researched all the available companies, and spent hours reading over details. I am now certain and proud to say that I have trained with the best. The product is superior, the training is of the highest standards and the support from the Xtreme Team has been outstanding. Thank you.” 
- Alexsandra Stefanovski

“After completing a course with a different company initially I was disappointed with the product quality and customer support. I was then recommended Xtreme Lashes. The training, product quality ad range has exceeded my expectations. I am very happy and most importantly my clients are happy – Delashious

“At the Advanced Training I found the different effects you can create and the different effects I can create on individual clients the most interesting. The Small class size was great and I am glad I came because I ha ve picked up on lots of information and tips as well as any mistakes I may have been making” 
- Kath Barber The Nail Room – Mornington

“I did the {online} training yesterday and found it very helpful especially looking after the flexfusion and tray. I am working my way through the other on line training too. I Will treat my glue with a lot more respect when I get my new one!” 
- Mandy Hunt

“Xclnt course instruction, xclnt instruction educator.” 
- Tracy Diamond

“I can not wait to practice on my friends, and to become certified.” 
- Keli Parkes

“I have been to another lash course and this one by far was the best. I am taking away great new skills and ideas for my salon.” 
- Ashleigh Coleman

“Fab, thorough, great to come to training which offers high standards and the trainer pays such close attention. Wet our palate with inspiration and colour. Will be returning to do advance training.” 
- Kate Sharp

“I found it very interesting and am very glad I chose Xtreme.” 
- Meredith Challenor

“Motivating, Enthusiastic, Experienced.” 
- Katrina Brown

“I am very impressed with how professional this company is, and all the Backup we get in terms of marketing. Thank you!” 
- Katherine Silva

“Great day, lots of fun and great environment to learn in.” 
- Samantha Jakes

“Very impressed with schools facilities. Great Kit. Friendly professional staff.” 
- Micha Rhodes

“Thank you for teaching me how to apply lashes. It gave me a better understanding of the application, compared to temporary lashes.” 
- Tania Dellamonica

“I am excited by this product.” 
- Therese Cam

“For only a one day training I found it to be very thorough and no leaving anything out. It is one of the best training days I have enjoyed for a long time.” 
- Connie Muraca

“Was probably the best training session I have had. (The Trainer) was friendly, professional and extremely helpful. I have left feeling confident and satisfied.” 
- Mary Stavrou

“Can not wait to get started and earn the big bucks!! Ha ha!!” 
- Tania Kop

“Very effective, very thorough and a very nice approach. Totally enjoyable and educational day.” 
- Lisa Sheppard

“Really enjoyed myself. Feel confident in providing a quality service to clients.” 
- Amanda Blackman

“Trainer was very patient! Understood everything she said all info went in!” 
- Carla Symonds

“Thank you Fran it was great, can not wait to do more practice models so I can get out into the real world and make everyone look xtreme.” 
- Cynthia Salon

“I am so excited about the possibilities this product and company have to offer. Thanks again for your time.” 
- Rsaid Pullicino

“Very pleased with training and product knowledge, I am very excited and ready to go.” 
- Christina Stamatopoulous

“Trainers were very friendly and focused on training us to a very high standard. Wonderful, thank you so much!” 
- Rachel Whitehead

“I sold all my GlideLiners in the first week!” Love them, put on in the morning and stays on ALL Day” 
- Carmen – Vibromania

“The trainer was fantastic. She covered every area and products needed to complete a full set of lashes. In the hands on training she was very helpful and there to answer any question asked, loads of fun and worth every cent.” 
- Renee Archer

Safety first

Beauty, Science & Safety is our mantra at Xtreme Lashes® and we are sending out our message to “Practice Safe Sets”.









In fact we believe so strongly in it we developed an Irritation Minimisation System called Flex Fusion to back up this claim. Whilst all of our stylists learn the safest and most effective techniques on the market as well as effective prepping, cleansing and priming if are prone to sensitivities this is the System for you.

With over 12 months in development, over 1 million dollars invested and 10,000 dedicated hours spent to bring you the most revolutionary eyelash extension adhesive the world has seen.

Do your homework:

  1. Does the stylist know the brand they use or the product features? ie is the adhesive proven medical grade in a FDA registered facility?
  2. Is the stylist certified and trained by a reputable brand?
  3. Is the stylist a beauty professional? Ask to see their certificate.
  4. Is the equipment sterilised between appointments?
  5. Do they use disposable products for each clients?

To find a certified stylist near you visit our find a lash stylist page.

Suburbs highlighted in gold features Advanced Stylists.
Suburbs with red tick contain stylists using full Flex Fusion System.
Suburbs in bold contain more information about the salon and email enquiry form.

An eye for an eye

We know we may appear one eyed at Xtreme Lashes®! But when you compare the difference Xtreme Lashes® can make to some clients it’s hard not to be!


You see the reason we’re so one eyed is because we believe each client should be treated differently by consulting a lash design to suit the individual needs of the eye. We don’t take a ‘one length fits’ all approach. With over 300 lash sizes, thicknesses, shapes and colours we take the time to design a frame to work with your natural lashes needs. Our stylists are professionally trained to provide the little differences it takes to ensure our clients lashes look and feel completely natural. Eyelash extensions are designed to enhance your natural assets along with providing a simpler make-up routine and convenience.
We stand by our “Eye for an Eye” approach by investing heavily in two day professional hands on training. And that’s the Xtreme Difference.

Ask a certified Xtreme Lashes stylist to design a frame that suits your individual needs today.


What’s YOUR Eye-deal Curl Style? Learning Curves and Lashes

Show off your curves!


Of course many different things go into the decision of choosing the RIGHT eyelash extensions for your application. From physical traits like eye shape and natural lash properties to lifestyle indicators like maintenance routine and activity choices, a number of items are evaluated by your stylist to select the best eyelash extension lengths, thicknesses and curls for your application.

BUT… all other things being equal, there’s a definite “look” that comes with each different eyelash curl.

While you can modify that look to emphasize different features and tone down or turn up the curl quotient through creative length choices and placements, if you were to do a side by side comparison of curls using a basic frame of eyelash extensions in the exact same lengths, a certain “style” would emerge for each.

So what’s YOUR “Eye-deal” curl style?



Eye-deal Style: You prefer an au natural appearance and may frequently brave the world bare-faced, with eyelash extensions being your only cosmetic addition.

Eye-deal Use: X30s have the least amount of curl, making them the least dramatic of all the Xtreme Lashes extensions. Unsure if eyelash extensions are for you? These may be the ones to start with! Happy with the curve of your straight to slightly curled natural lashes? These are an excellent addition! X30s will add length and thickness without upgrading your curl.

NOT Eye-deal For: Those with downward pointing lashes – these lashes can further emphasize a downward slope.


Eye-deal Style: You like to be a little done up, but not too much; a touch of gloss on the lips, a little liner on the eyes and you’re good to go on most days!

Eye-deal Use: Get a soft, flirty and feminine curl with the X35 eyelashes. This is the lash that probably comes closest to the curve of the average person’s natural lash and it’s an excellent option for all lash types and eye shapes.

NOT Eye-deal For: N/A – When in doubt, this is probably your “go to” lash!


Eye-deal Style: You like to dress up, flaunt your fashionable side and even get a bit flashy from time to time. All-out glamour isn’t a necessity for you, but it is a frequently exercised option. You rarely head out of the house without a bit of color on your lids, a dusting of blush and a sweep of mascara on your eyelashes.

Eye-deal Use: The X40 eyelashes are the most universally popular extensions in the Xtreme Lashes line. If you want a noticeable increase in curl, one that compares to your hand-held lash curler, the X40s are going to give you that look. They’re dramatic and different from your natural lashes without being over the top.

NOT Eye-deal For: Heavy lidded or deep set eyes – the increased upward slope on X40s may cause them to touch the skin above eyes that are hooded or deeply set. X35s reach outward a bit more before swooping up, making them a better option for some.


Eye-deal Style: You are a scene-stealer and a showstopper. Ultra-glam is your everyday aspiration! You like to be fully “made-up” more often than not, with dramatic eyes, and may even include false lashes in your daily routine.

Eye-deal Use: X50s are the vixen lashes of the Xtreme line. If you’re after a high drama appearance and want doll-like, doe-eyed lashes, these are the extensions for you! WARNING – not for the weak or faint-hearted! These eyelashes are for full-blown, flirtatious flutters!

NOT Eye-deal For: Protruding, round eyes or those with downward pointing lashes – the dramatic upturn of the X50s creates a noticeable separation (split end-like affect) when applied to downward pointing lashes since they’re headed in opposite directions.


We hope you found our curl interpretations enjoyable, but often times, a mix of different lash curvatures may be the most eye-deal! Please be sure to always fully discuss your options with your eyelash extension stylist. They’re trained to ensure you get the right look for you, after evaluating ALL the factors involved!

Taking a fresh approach to eyes

Isn’t it great when you find a product that has multiple uses? It’s a great way to stretch your cosmetic stash and save you money.


The Hydrating Under Eye Gel Patches main purpose is to isolate the lower lashes during the eyelash extension application. So while you’re lying down receiving your set of Xtreme Lashes® you are also getting an eye pamper!

Here are a few client suggestions on alternate uses (or added benefits, if you will) for the Hydrating Under Eye Gel Patches that may help with some common eye concerns:

Morning Puffiness: Carrying a little extra baggage in the morning? Los Angeles blogger Sugar Jones swears by these patches for reducing under-eye puffiness! “Luckily, the same company that makes my lash extensions also makes a great product to take care of the puffiness.” – Sugar Jones (click to read her review)

Travel-Weary Eyes: Speaking of baggage, on a recent flight from the U.S. to the United Kingdom, Rachel Gott slipped on a set of Hydrating patches before takeoff and—voila! She stepped off the plane in London looking fresh and well-rested instead of ‘worse for wear’: “I wore the Hydration patch on the flight for 9 hours and my skin was totally wrinkle free and totally hydrated!” – Rachel Gott

Makeup Mistakes: You know the saying, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’? Protect your makeup efforts and reduce your clean up time in advance with patches! Artistic Director Noor Daoudi tells us, “I always place a set of these patches under a client’s eyes before I apply her eye makeup. Not only is it refreshing for her, it catches any stray eye shadow coming off the brushes while I work so I don’t have to touch up under the eyes when I’m finished.”


Xtreme Lashes Hydrating Under Eye Gel Patches are available through your local Xtreme Lashes Stylist or receive 10% off online through the Xtreme Lashes website.

Show Off Your Curves With Our Curviest Extensions Ever!

Introducing the most eXtreme curvature in eyelash extensions to date… the X50 lashes from Xtreme Lashes!

If you’re the kind of girl that wants your lashes to be bold and dramatic, these new ultra curvy eyelash extensions are for you!

The dramatic curl and exaggerated lift of X50 lashes creates a super feminine (dare we say ‘doll-like’?) appearance.

No ma’am, these are not your grandmother’s lashes! These eyelashes are for the divas who dare to live life by the saying, “go big or go home.”

When Less Is More – The Skinny On Thick Eyelash Extensions

Professionally trained Lash Stylists, like those who apply Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions, are educated in applying the right lashes for each individual. They will look at your natural lashes and determine not only what will look best on you but also what is SAFE for you.

If you want super dramatic eyelash extensions and are tempted to ask for the thickest or longest extensions available, by all means tell your Lash Stylist! Just be aware that what your Xtreme Lashes Stylist will give you will be the thickest or longest eyelash extensions suitable for YOUR lashes. Trust their judgment and expert knowledge; they’re looking out for the long-term health of your lashes and you won’t be disappointed with the results!

The skinny on thick eyelashes

Full and dramatic looking eyelash extensions CAN be created without using the thickest extensions available. The full set featured above (along with the majority of those featured on the Xtreme Lashes website) was created with Thin (.10mm) and Thick (.15mm) extensions only – no Super Thick (.20mm) extensions! The key to this high volume look is the number of extensions applied, making use of most or all of your natural lashes, not using the thickest extensions available!

Having eyelash extensions applied that are either too thick or too long for the natural lash they are attached to can cause problems like these:

  • Extensions that are not matched in diameter with the natural lash will NOT last as long. With an eyelash extension that is larger in diameter than the natural lash, there is less of an attachment area between the extension and the lash. The “overhang” from the lash extension reduces the strength of the bond and can cause the extension to shed from the natural lash prematurely.
  • Eyelash extensions that are too heavy for the natural lash will weigh the natural lash down, causing your lashes to hang in front of your eye, catch on your bottom lashes and you will not see the perky lift you desire from your extensions.
  • Lash extensions that are too heavy for the natural lash will tangle and crisscross constantly and require extra grooming.
  • Excessive weight from using eyelash extensions that are too thick or too long for the natural lash can cause the natural lash itself to prematurely shed or even break off.
  • Natural lashes that have extensions attached to them that are too heavy can begin to grow in pointing downward; precisely the look you do NOT want from your lashes!
  • Repeatedly applying extensions that are too heavy for the natural lashes will, over time, damage the lash hair follicle, inhibiting future growth and potentially causing permanent lash loss. (This is why we also recommend against having Flares & Clusters regularly attached to your natural lashes!)

In short, tell your Lash Stylist the look you’re after but leave the final decision in the hands of the professionals when it comes to your eyelash extensions! They only want what’s best for you so if they’re recommending a less-is-more approach, heed their advice!


To find a trained and Certified Xtreme Lashes Stylist in your area visit the Xtreme Lashes Stylist Directory!

Safe Removal Of Eyelash Extensions

Have you had eyelash extensions applied which hurt or pull that haven’t been applied by an Xtreme Lashes® certified stylist? It’s possible they may be stuck together due to inexperienced application, incorrect lash usage or an inferior product.

Eyelash extensions use a stronger adhesive than traditional temporary lash clusters or strips. The adhesive is designed to stay adhered to the natural lash until that lash grows out. Because of this, removing eyelash extensions before the natural lashes have shed requires a special remover and professional training in order to prevent damaging the natural lashes.

You’ll find numerous suggestions on the internet for home remedies to remove semi-permanent eyelash extensions but the only truly safe method is to seek the assistance of a professional. There is no “home remedy” product that we are aware of that will loosen eyelash extension adhesive enough to facilitate safe removal and leave all your natural lashes intact. Never pluck, pick or attempt to pull off semi-permanent eyelash extensions!

Here are a few removal scenarios along with our advice on what you should do:

You have a few remaining eyelash extensions and do not plan to get them filled so you want the “stragglers” removed:

Return to the professional who applied your lash extensions for quick removal of the remaining extensions.

You are experiencing a slight pinpricking sensation, indicating one or a couple of your natural lashes may have been adhered together during your initial application:

Return to the professional who applied your extensions and have them check through your lashes for any that may be stuck together (sometimes it’s simply a tiny “peach fuzz” hair that was caught in with an extension). Chances are you will not have to have any removed – your lash professional can safely separate the few lashes that are adhered together and send you quickly on your way.

You are experiencing significant pain from your eyelash extensions and want them all removed:

Take a close look at your lash line and note whether you can see separation between the individual lashes. Experiencing significant pain from your eyelash extensions is typically caused by improper isolation of the lashes during the application and the use of too much adhesive, resulting in a thick, visible line of black, clumped lashes near the base. If you cannot see and separate each individual lash, you have an improper eyelash extension application. In these instances, we recommend you find a different eyelash extension professional for removal. A really poor application is typically a sign of no training or very bad technique and safe removal is better left in the hands of someone else. The Xtreme Lashes Certified Lash Stylist have all passed our required training course AND demonstrated additional proficiency in technique and application quality through samples of their work in order to be approved for a listing on our site.


Choosing a good eyelash extension professional, one who uses the proper techniques and quality products, is the key to a great eyelash extension application and safe removal, when it’s necessary. You’ll find a listing of Trained and Certified Xtreme Lashes Stylists on our website!


The Top Lash Looks For Spring’s Hottest Fashion!

Every year the color experts at Pantone survey the designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond to bring you the most important color trends for the coming season. We’re translating their picks for the most prominent hues of spring 2011 to bring you a few eye-catching options to coordinate your eyelash extensions with the fashions of the season.

With an enticing mix of warm and cool hues in this spring’s palette and the extensive selection of colors in the Xtreme Lashes eyelash extension line, the options are virtually endless for your fashionable flutters.

We’ve picked out a few of our favorite lash shades to mix and match for your new looks but accents of deep blues and bright yellows can make for exciting options to work in, too!

Featured Designs From The Spring 2011 Palette (Click on the Image to Enlarge)

For a warm tone design, we’re showcasing eyelash extensions fading from Mango on the inner corner to Golden Brown on the outside with allover highlights of Bubble Gum, on a base of Coffee Bean. This look reminds us of sunshine and days on the beach. Perfect for a warm weather glow!

For a cool tone design, try color fading eyelash extensions from Frost on the inside, to Lavender in the center and Spearmint on the outer edges, over a Black base. Think swimming pools, striped cabanas and a splash of cool water – this look says dive on in!

Get your eyes ready for spring’s freshest fashions before they arrive! Contact a Certified Lash Stylist today to design your new lash look with eyelash extensions from Xtreme Lashes® by Jo Mousselli!

Dream Lash Looks For Dressing Up!

Classic black is always a safe bet and sexy, long black lashes are perfect to accompany any siren style from the past to the present.

But some looks deserve a little something special and Dress up Parties may be the perfect time to add a pop of pizzazz to your peepers.

Here are a few suggestions for adding coloured eyelash extensions to coordinate with your best costume concepts:

• Blue and pink mixes are fabulous for flirty fairies.

• Greens make a wonderful addition for the wickedest witches (and any guys going for that “Hulk” look).

• Reds and auburns add a divinely devilish touch to anyone on the dark side – from demons to the drinkers of blood!

• Purples are the perfect royal princess pick!

• Frosted white is gorgeous for a Lady Gaga look!

• Clowns, circus performers and others outrageously attired might want to opt for the entire rainbow for winks with some serious wow-factor!

Don’t be afraid of adding a little lash color!

Remember – many colored looks can be quite subtle but even the boldest hues can be covered by eyelash extension safe mascara to get you through your daytime business until they cycle out!