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  • Brand New Application Techniques straight from the US. Never seen before in Australia
  • Faster and Longer Lasting Applications
  • 2 Day hands on training with Nationally Recognised Certificate IV Trainers
  • FREE Student Kit provided for use during training so that you don’t need to open your kit
  • Ongoing education {hands on and online} and advanced application courses available
  • Approx 30%+ of our clients have invested in another brand before coming to Xtreme
  • As chosen by the APAA to be represented in the Spa & Beauty Guide to Safety & Hygiene
  • Over a dozen award winning specially formulated after care and cosmetic products to retail
  • Scientifically developed application supplies under the strictest of safety & hygiene procedures
  • Offering the largest inventory of lash varieties and application supplies on the market
  • Dedicated customer support, business solutions, loyalty programs and troubleshooting
  • Huge potential for return on investment
  • Free web listing to certified stylists
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Are you ready to kick-start your career as an Xtreme Lashes® stylist and become part of a Globally Recognised Brand? Then our Eyelash Extension Training Program is perfect for you!

Eyelash Extension Course

With over 15,000 Stylists trained Worldwide you can use our proven training techniques and specially formulated products to become part of the Xtreme success. Click above on Package, Locations and Kits button for information on: kits, costs and Training Places in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Eyelash Extension Courses vary from company to company and it is imperative that you learn the correct way the first time! It is impossible to learn Eyelash Extension Training via a DVD, as you are bound to compromise on safety and effectiveness. All Xtreme Lashes Trainers hold a certificate IV in Training and Assessment and have been chosen for their skill and knowledge ensuring that you are educated by the most established and experienced Company in Australia. Our classes have a maximum of 8 students per class to ensure you receive the one on one attention you require.

Eyelash Extension Certification with Xtreme Lashes is only achieved once the student completes our strict assesment guidelines. Stylists will then be added to our popular Find a Lash Stylist Directory. Certified clients also enjoys loyalty discounts based on their last quarter spend.

If you are located in Gold Coast and if you are looking for Eyelash Extensions training or certification in Gold Coast then do contact us, we have representatives and training centre in QLD.

Here’s just some of what you will learn in training:
  • Correct handling of eyelash extension tools
  • The importance of client safety, sterilisation and hygiene.
  • Proven application techniques through hands-on exercises, including:
    • Proper lash pick up.
    • Correct use of adhesive for a seamless bond without clumpiness.
    • Applying longer lasting lashes with our exclusive “shimmy” technique.
    • The importance of isolation, to ensure that the lashes do not stick together.
    • Measuring and assessing the clients natural lashes to select the ideal thickness, length and curvature to suit their needs and eye shapes.
  • How to adequately remove eyelash extensions without any damage to the natural lash.
  • Product knowledge and how to sell our award winning after care and specially formulated retail products.
  • Tips and Ideas on how to advertise and market your new skill to the end user.

Our trainers are so passionate about our brand that they sought out Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extension training through extensive research and previous experience with other brands that did not compare in quality and training. Each has attended our intensive train the trainer eyelash extensions courses, experiencing first hand the features and benefits of working with Xtreme Lashes®. Holding a Certificate IV in training and assessment they have an eye for detail and the hands on experience in working one on one. Not only that they LOVE their job and are eager to teach their craft and share tips with new students.

We hold our main eyelash extension training courses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth as well as offering options for Adelaide, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and (Canberra)ACT. You can also view options for eyelash extension courses in New Zealand.

Eyelash Extensions Course in Adelaide

Do you live in Adelaide or other parts of South Australia? Looking for a new skill or a career change? Eyelash extension courses are being run in Adelaide. Xtreme Lashes are a global leader in Eyelash Extensions and we provide eyelash extension courses in Adelaide and across Australia. We offer career paths for new and experienced stylists - talk to us about your eligibility requirements including pre-course and RPL. Please visit our training locations page to see the next training session near you.

Please call on: 1800 XTREME {987 363} or 03-9870-0633 for more information.