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About Jo and our mission


To Know Women Jo Mousselli

"Beauty, Science and Safety" is the motto of Jo Mousselli, setting her company apart with its standards in professionalism, training and product safety, earning the title of Global Leaders in the Eyelash Extension Industry.

Sometimes it seems that life takes its own course and seemingly unconnected things become a definitive path leading you to your ultimate destiny. Jo never imagined that she would one day lead a global cosmetic company.

Jo Mousselli, President and Founder of Xtreme Lashes® LLC, has seen her company expand from her home and spread across the globe into 24 countries. Xtreme Lashes® currently has over 40 employees, 20 trainers located nationwide and continues to create jobs to handle its explosive growth. Since 2005, her company has trained over 5,000 health and beauty professionals domestically, empowering women with meaningful and profitable careers, making women feel beautiful, and enriching the lives of thousands upon thousands of consumers, whom her clients proudly serve.

But all this did not happen overnight, and it had nothing to do with luck. All of Jos previous experiences have added a critical component to the foundation of her thriving business.

Jo knows women. From being a wife, being an active mother of four, supporting her family and putting herself through school, Jo knows the modern womans struggle. She knows the connection between feeling good and looking good. Jos nurturing nature has made it easy for her to connect with women, from her career as a kindergarten teacher, garnishing the trust of mothers and their first day of school jitters, to consoling mothers, whose critically ill children were under her care as a Pediatric ICU nurse at Texas Childrens Hospital. You can say she has always been in the business of helping women feel better.

She is still in that business today. Her attributes and values have made Xtreme Lashes® the industry leader and the most reputable name in eyelash extensions. There is no substitute to quality hands-on training and education, so Jo made training mandatory for professionals seeking to add Xtreme Lashes to their menu of services. If the end-consumer isnt happy, if the application isnt safe, if the lashes dont look beautiful, if the results arent dramatic and lasting, then there is no eyelash extension industry. While competitors will sell to anyone, Jo risked her short-term profits and gambled on the long-term health of this new industry. Jo made Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions a professional service, limiting sales exclusively to licensed and credentialed health and beauty professionals.

Taking the Xtreme Lash Training was the best thing I ever did. My clients are so happy and loyal to the product. The lashes have actually changed my clients lives; they feel so happy about themselves and have saved so much time getting ready in the morning. It is truly incredible and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of it. - Xtreme Lashes® Client.

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