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Training Qualification and Accreditation Difference


We are often asked about Nationally Accredited Training courses versus Certified Training, but what does that mean exactly?

Currently there are no Nationally Accredited Eyelash Extension Modules available in Australia as part of the National Beauty Training Package. The beauty industry has not yet set any standards or regulations, which Eyelash Extension companies are governed. Courses to date may be accredited in delivering a short training course, not a recognized module as part of the National Beauty Training Package.

When there is no mention of product development, evaluation, integrity, research and safety, we recommend you ask more about where their products come from, how they are developed and if in fact they are a re-brand of another product, which may sometimes be the case with Eyelash companies. Xtreme Lashes® has been developing products for Eyelash Extensions for over 7 years. They spent over 12 months on development, over a million dollars invested and 10,000 dedicated hours spent together with a team of scientists, physicians and expert lash stylists to develop the highest grades of safety, quality and performance for our exclusive Flex-fusion Adhesive.

1.     Xtreme Lashes® Trainers are ALL Certificate IV Qualified Trainers.

2.     Students will receive a formal internationally recognised certificate based on Xtreme Lashes® Standards of Certification, not just a certificate of achievement.

3.     Xtreme Lashes® is for Professional Use.

4.     Xtreme Lashes®’s foundation is based on safety and results which is why it’s certification standards are the highest and their training is the most demanding in the industry.

5.     As chosen by APAA (Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia) to be represented in the “Spa and Beauty Guide to Safety and Hygiene”.

6.     Our products are NICNAS registered and approved and Material Information Data Sheets are provided.

7.     Xtreme Lashes® training is in-depth, hands on, comprehensive and reviewed and updated regularly.

8.     Xtreme Lashes® has developed the Preparation and Irritation Minimization System and X-Technique to further reinforce optimum results.

9.     Xtreme Lashes® has won many awards in the International Beauty industry for it’s product, development and effectiveness. Training is only part of the success of your Business, Product Development and Support are just as important. It pays to know where your product is coming from or if it is in fact a re-brand of a generic product.

10.  Training is for two days and involves both hands on and theory with a small trainer to student ratio. Xtreme Lashes® provides complimentary recourses to all clients who wish to re-attend as a refresher.


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