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Why choose Xtreme?

At Xtreme Lashes® we are always at the forefront of research and development with many product launches, training techniques and innovations in the pipeline. Our team of scientists, physicians and qualified stylists work hard to maintain our reputation as Global Leaders in Eyelash Extensions.

Celebrating 12 years in Business!


   Global Leaders and World Recognised Brand with over 20,000 stylists trained worldwide.
   No.1 Ranked Website in business for 12 years
   As chosen by the APAA {Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia} to be represented in the Spa & Beauty Guide to Safety & Hygiene
   Professional Use with Pre Course options available
   Specially Developed and Formulated product range by Registered Nurse, Scientists, Doctors and experienced Lash Technicians  
  Now Offering RPL {Recognised Prior Learning} for current lash stylists wanting to switch brands to Xtreme Lashes®    
  Meets NICNAS {National Industrial Chemical Notification Assesment Scheme} Australia Government requirements.    


   2 Day Hands on training with Nationally Recognised Certificate IV Trainers
   Free Student Kit provided for use during training so that you don’t need to open your kit
   Ongoing education, Refresher, Upskill, Advanced and Volumation training available
   Comprehensive training including Eye Anatomy, Safety & Hygiene, Client Consultation, Lash Preparation, Technique, Product Focus, Business and Marketing
   Thorough and globally recognised certification process after completion of training


   Scientifically developed XL Flex Fusion® Medical Grade Adhesive developed in an FDA Approved Facility to the strictest safety and hygiene procedures with non detectable traces of harmful chemicals.
   Over a million dollars invested in research and development for the Flex Fusion alone by a dedicated team of international scientists, doctors and beauty industry professionals. Xtreme Lashes products meet the strict requirements of the EU/US/Canada/Australasia requirements of each country it represents.
   15% Off Adhesives when meeting usage criteria
   Award winning, specially formulated After care and Retail Product range to offer to clients containing botanical extracts, vitamins and completely natural
   Over a dozen Specially Developed lash varieties {curvature, length, thickness, colour} in Synthetic, Faux Mink and Faux BOLD and Ellipse HD  


   Free web listing to certified stylist
   Over 3000 page visits to our Find a lash stylist page p/m
   Additional lash stylists listings to directory stylists including google map, email enquiry form and Salon Bio with unique URL within Xtreme Lashes Website
   Professionally designed and branded marketing including the use of Xtreme Lashes images for certified stylists
   Frequent communication via e-news and comprehensive social media platforms
   Consumer awareness via beauty related websites and magazines


   Dedicated customer support including 24/7 online troubleshooting
   Online business solutions, online ordering and online education and webinars
   Lifetime Loyalty Reward Programs for certified clients


What is the difference between an accredited course and a certification course? We often get asked this question and have put together the following information. Click here to read.

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