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What you see posted below is press about XTREME Lashes® Australia and press from the USA specifically, the preferred choice of eyelash extensions by celebrities, the press, media and consumers nationwide. Please scroll down to see a list of celebrities who wear Xtreme Lashes® and recent articles of Xtreme Lashes® in the press and on TV.


Road Test. This week I try... the latest lash extensions

The low down:
After giving my lashes a six-month break from five years of wearing extensions, I've been coaxed back into the saddle with the latest offering from Xtreme - Faux Mink X-Wrap Lashes - which are sure light and have a matter rather than a shiny finish. Sophia Tzakis has been applying lash extensions for 21 years and really knows her stuff. I have arrived with no eye cream or eye make-up, as instructed. Sophia measures my eye and decides on creating more volume through the central eye area of my lash line, focusing on the natural lashes halfway through their growth cycle to get more longevity from the extensions. I lie back and slip into the inevitable doze zone as she painstakingly applies the individual lashes.
Results: I had forgotten how much I love lash extensions. The full fan of lashes has opened up my eye area completely and I don't need to wear any eye make-up at all - the lashes are a statement on their own. They are great for traveling too; you just wake up and your eyes are done.

Everything you need to know about Eyelash Extensions

You know those fluttery sets you see celebrities sporting on the red carpet? I guarantee they’re the work of some cleverly placed individual lashes—which, might I add, are perfect for creating fanned-out peepers—or, they’re lash extensions. The main difference between the two is that falsies fall more into the one-night-only category, whereas lash extensions will get you two to three weeks of wear before you require in-fills.   
So what does the process involve—and the financial commitment? We turned to lash expert Ana Troccoli from Ana Troccoli Aesthetics for everything you need to know.
WHAT’S INVOLVED? “It begins with a consultation allowing your lash stylist to customise a design right for you and to suit your lifestyle,” says Troccoli. “My clients lay comfortably on a massage bed with their eyes closed, free of any eye make-up. An under-eye hydrating treatment will be applied to cover the lower lashes, and then the application process begins, taking anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. The great thing about eyelash extensions is that when you wake up in the morning, you're basically good to go. It can be quite addictive!”
HOW ARE THE LASH EXTENSIONS APPLIED? “They’re applied one by one to your natural lashes with a safe medical grade adhesive. This technique creates a seamless look and makes you feel as though the extensions are your own lashes,” says Troccoli.
WHAT’S THE COST? “While prices vary from salon to salon, but for a full set of Volume technique 3D lashes, the cost is $210-300, whereas in-fills can cost anywhere upwards from $85.”
HOW DO YOU CARE FOR THE LASHES AT HOME? “Firstly, it’s important to not wet the lashes for the first 12 to 24 hours after they have been applied,” says Troccoli. It’s also important to opt for oil-free make-up products, she explains—that includes mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and also make-up remover. “To keep your lashes defined, use a clean mascara wand or spoolie to comb the lashes out in the morning, after a shower and throughout the day.”
DO YOU STILL NEED TO WEAR MASCARA? “The use of mascara is optional since the extensions actually give the illusion of wearing mascara,” says Troccoli. Remember if you do wear mascara, it needs to be a water-based formula.”

IMAGE: Gettty 
—Hayley D’Onofrio


Lash extensions. Xtreme Lashes.
WHY: They're like semi permanent falsies! No fussing around applying them on the day; they'll look natural, and neat through to the 'moon.
HOW IT WORKS: Individual lashes are applied to your natural ones, using an adhesive (that you can't see). It's a delicate process and you should only ever go to reputable salons and professionals. A full set can take between 1-2 hours - but all you have to do is lie back, close your eyes and let the magic happen!
EXPECT: The therapist will place eye patches over your bottom lashes to prevent them getting in the way. Then they'll get to work gluing on the lashes - you should barely feel a thing (only the odd comb through). When you open your eyes, they'll check than none are stuck in ways they shouldn't be and you're done. Important things to note are not to get then wet in the first 24 hours. Also, steer clear of beauty products or removers with oil in them. They break down the glue, and your lashes won't last as long as they should (which for the record, is 2-3 weeks). Use the recommended mascara too!
HOW LONG BEFORE: Book in a month before the big day to trial a full set. Then book in for "infills" a week before for super fresh lashes on the day. Make sure you tell your make up artist you'll have them too!
PRICE: From $180 for a full set (xtremelashes.com.au)

What started as sisters testing fake eyelashes has grown into a successful enterprise. Croydon's Cathy White, Louise Weston and Fran Neal started their franchise Xtreme Lashes in 2005 and have since trained 1500 stylists. Mrs White said it all started after a cousin's trip to the Philippines. "We started looking in Australia and there wasn't anyone who appeared to be doing it."The sisters became a franchisee of Xtreme Lashes, based in the US, and bought the distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand. Mrs White said running a business pushed her to be motivated, and brought her closer to her sisters. "We were risking more than business starting up - we were risking family too," Mrs White said. "But we've managed to grow and recognise our different strengths and when you work for yourself, you can't afford for things to go wrong."


Tried, tested, loved. October 2015 Beauty Feature

The Xtreme Lashes Spcially formulated Total Eye Repair Serum makes it into the Professional Beauty Top Shelf for beauty and skincare list.


Xtreme Lashes national training director Fran Neal is an industry expert with over two decades of experience. She chatted to Professional Beauty about effective training and what it takes to run a Global Franchise. Read more

As Seen On Beauty Directory: Xtreme Lashes Makes it onto the Serums and oils list: Due to their ability to penetrate deeper into the skin, serums and oils have become a hero product in the battle against ageing. “The use of active serums is a big trend,” explains Hobson. Jenkins agrees: “2013 has seen an abundance of new super serums and brightening eye creams enter the skincare arena. All types of oils have been trending this year, including antioxidant rich oils like sea buckthorn, pomegranate and blueberry which promise amazing anti-ageing benefits.”


Kirien Withers Has strong feelings about the importance of make up remover in the spa and salon.
You can safely cleanse every clients'  eyes with Xtreme Eye Make Up Remover and Facial Cleanser services especially formulated for those with eyelash extensions and natural lashes. The coconut-derived cleansing agent removes impurities and makeup while antioxidant and vitamin rich botanicals extracts refresh, nourish and protect skin.

Use Xtreme Lashes® by Jo Mousselli Amplif-eye® Lash and Brow Fortifier to flutter your sexiest lashes yet with this revolutionary formula to amplify natural lash length, thickness and volume!


Products that promise multiple benefits are my kryptonite, so Xtreme Lashes Total Eye Repair Serum is my newest fixation. Addressing those pesky fine lines, sagging skin and puffiness, this little potion seriously knows how to multi-task and the payoff is instant. The oil-free, cooling serum glides on and doesn’t cake or snag like some eye creams, making that ever-so-delicate skin around the eye area feel hydrated, smooth and visibly plumper. Containing all the power stuff such as multi-peptide complex to stimulate collagen production and a hyaluronic acid to ensure that those benefits are long lasting, this is one little bottle that will be staying put on my bathroom shelf - Nat

As seen in #MelbourneWedding&Bride #Xtreme Lashes Glide Liner. Pen Pal; Small enough to slip in your purse, these tools have wedding day written all over them.


As seen in Melbourne Wedding and Bride Magazine: Featuring the Xtreme Lashes Long Lasting Brow Pen. Movie Star; For Bridal Beauty that'll stand the test of time, channel the glamour and sophistication of an old Hollywood Siren.

As seen in Melbourne Wedding and Bride: "‪#‎Lash‬ Out! Leading eyelash extension brand ‪#‎Xtreme‬ Lashes has been recognised by the beauty industry for it's outstanding eyelash extensions. In U.S magazine Beauty Launchpad's 2012 Readers' Choice Awards, Xtreme Lashes was voted Best Eyelash Extensions..."



As seen in Professional Beauty Magazine. Sometimes lashes need a helping hand toreach their enviable potential. Get the transformation started with a growth serum, primer, liner or simple coat of mascara. Xtreme Lashes Amplifeye Lash & Brow Fortifier contains three peptide compkexes to strengthn and improve lash and brow growth.

As seen on Beauty Directory. For the well-groomed mum (or the mum that needs a bit of help in that area), Xtreme Lashes has the answer. The Brand's Brow Basics Gift Pack featuers all the tools required to achieve and maintain perfectly groomed eyebrows, including a Long Lasting Brow Pen to fill sparse brows, the Angled Brow Brush to blend in the pigment, and an Xtreme Mirror as a complimentary addition.


27 March 2013. With fake lashes a fast-growing category amongst consumers, Xtreme Lashes are encouraging consumers to do their homework on the products and salons they use with the launch of its “Practice Safe Sets” campaign.  

The campaign coincides with the launch of Xtreme Lashes’ Irritation Minimisation System known as Flex Fusion, which is formulated with medical-grade adhesive and low-allergenic products.

Xtreme Lashes Australian marketing manager Louise Weston says the campaign aims to educate the consumer. “Often the products and services available may simply be a re-branded adhesive or inadequate training with no previous product testing, research or development,” Weston says. “We see and hear first hand of some devastating results when short cuts are taken or client consultation and sensitivities are not valued or considered.”

“We take great measures to alert the public to our stylists who are using our Irritation Minimisation System, otherwise known as Flex Fusion, by placing a red rick next to their listing on our website. Only those who have completed and passed our demanding certification process appears on our site.”

As seen on Beauty Heaven:

Get well-groomed brows with these ultimate products

Eyebrows are important. Very important. A well-groomed, expertly shaped pair will open up your eyes, frame your face perfectly, and even act as a mini-facelift. That said, one must always be armed with an exceptional brow pencil to keep their brows looking their absolute best. Not sure which one to try? These 10 are a good place to start. Actually, make that a great place to start. Simply hover over the stars to reveal more information about these eyebrow-grooming gems…


Xtreme Lashes team up with Fox FM and Variety to give the gift of Christmas to families in need.

In the spirit of Christmas Xtreme Lashes Australia has become involved in Variety the Children’s Charity's $200K for 200 kids fundraiser promoted by FOX FM at Luna Park in Melbourne on Friday 30th November 2012.

Xtreme Lashes has proudly donated by being privileged enough to have bought the left sleeve of host Jo Stanley’s dress designed by Toni Maticevski.

“Being a family business with eight beautiful children between us we are grateful that we can be a small part of helping sick and disadvantage kids have a happier Christmas,” said Xtreme Lashes director Cathy White.

Visit www.variety.org.au/VIC/Donate/General-donation to find out more.

As seen in Shop Till You Drop Dec 2012.

Lash Bars. Channel your inner Kardashian and get acquanted with falsies at a salon near you. The stylists at Orbe are known for their editorial and fashion work, so whether you are fashion forward or just after a natural look, you are totally covered. Choose from lash tinting, perming or semi-permanent Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli extensions.


As seen in Professional Beauty: "There are a number of reasons why Xtreme Lashes create such stunning, long-lasting and safe lash extensions. Firstly we pre-cleanse the lashes with a special preparation to remove all traces of residue or oil that may contaminate the process and result in a poor outcome....The importance of safety and standards cannot be underestimated. There are a number of poor reactions to poorly applied extensions or unsafe products and there can be serious consequences..." Read more

Anti-ageing make up. Fluttery long lashes are a desirable attribute easy to maintain with Xtreme Lashes® AmplifEye Lash and Brow Fortifier - suspended in a liposomal delivery system, concentrated peptides and nourishing botanical extracts get to the root of thin, short and sparse lashes and brows. While Xtreme Lashes® new Long Lasting Brow Pen is the perfect tool for filling in eyebrows; long lasting and smudgeproof, it also covers greys.


Xtreme Lashes® Eye Make-up Remover and Facial Cleanser has been formulated to accompany Xtreme Lashes® Eyelas Extensions. The remover has no adverse effects on the bond strength of the Xtreme Lashes® Adhesives. It contains no artificial colours, fragrances or oils, and an aloe vera base to help moisturise the eye area while a coconut derived cleansing agent helps remove impurities and make up.

As seen in SPA: "Lift as you lengthen - double your time and results: Xtreme Lashes Hydrating Under Eye Gel Patches treat eyes for puffiness and dark circles as you apply lash extensions. Glycerine hydrates by attracting moisture back into the skin to plump and diminish the signs of wrinkles and crows feet..."


Xtreme Lashes Under Eye Gel Patches has custom fit technology which allows the patches to sit snugly under different eye shapes. It contains antioxidants, vitamin E, allontoin, glycerin to help hydrate and protect the sensitive eye area. The gel patches are ideal for seperating lower lashes during eyelash extension application. As seen in PB_JAN_12.

Xtreme Lashes has received a host of awards this year from top industry influencers including honours for Best Eyelash Extensions, Best Eyeliner and Best Facial Cleanser.


Xtreme Lashes is joining the fight for cancer in three different ways. 

The beauty brand has recently registered for “Girls Night In” for both the salon and through their website for consumers. This initiative encourages girls to have a night in with their friends to help raise money and awareness for the Cancer Council.

Adding a little glamour to the Westmead Children’s Hopsital on Wednesday this week, the Sloans of Lane Cove hair team joined up with Napoleon Perdis (and Xtreme Lashes®) to perform mini-makeovers on terminally ill children and their siblings.


Xtreme Lashes president and founder Jo Mousselli has been announced as a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year awards for 2011 for the Gulf Coast (USA) area.

As seen on pg 198 of Professional Beauty: "Fluttery will get you everywhere; As Global Leaders in eyelash extensions, Xtreme Lashes® have perfected the art of individual lash application using their unique single strand synthetic lashes. The company spoke with Professional Beauty on the business of what has become an aesthetic essential"


As seen in SPA Australasia: "Did you know that fortified and nourished follicles produce healthy lashes and brows that look longer, thicker, darker and more plentiful? Amplifeye's highly concentrated formula of fortifying peptides and nourishing botanical extracts are suspended in an innovative liposomal delivery system to get to the root of the lashes and help them grow".


Education and training. Nationwide workshops and training, visiting international educators, and educational products and services.


Melbourne is lash capital for Xtreme Lashes. Xtreme Lashes' Melbourne salons barely have time to blink thatnks to a booming trade in eyelash extensions.

As seen in Professional Beauty: "AMP IT UP - Amplif•eye Lash Fortifier is formulated with three peptide complexes, vitamins and nourishing extracts in an innovative delivery system that nourishes and fortifies lashes and brows. Developed to the highest standards of safety, quality and performance it is completely drug-free. The fortifier includes natural extracts of green tea, borage, saw palmetto, evening primrose, nettle, rosemary leaf, ginseng and witch hazel. Creator and president of Xtreme Lashes, Jo Mousselli says lashes thin as we age because our amino acid levels drop and peptides help replenish these levels."



Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash extensions has developed a revolutionary eyelash extensions cosmetics products that will enhance your eyes without damaging your eyelash extensions...NO Build-up, NO flaking and NO melting - the colour stays put and never interferes with the lash extension bond.

Xtreme Lashes Training. Xtreme Lashes Eyelash extensions offers the first and only two-day eyelash extension training program. The course covers everything needed to jump-start a career as a Cerified Xtreme Lashes stylist. According to Xtreme Lashes, two days of hands-on training is essential to long term success. As a new service, the eyelash extension industry is rapidly evolving and Xtreme Lashes has trained over 10,000 lash stylists worldwide, covering the latest application methods.


 Xtreme Lashes at Logies. "Louise Weston, Xtreme Lashes Marketing Manager, said "Taking the product directly to the opinion leaders of the industry enable us to explain the features and benefits of Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extension over other alternatives available such as strip lashes or heavy mascaras" "...the responses from the celebrities were all very positive and most were keen to learn more about the procedure. Some were already wearers of Xtreme Lashes but thrilled to sample the cosmetics..."

"Lashing out on eye beauty" Melbourne Salons barely have time to blink thanks to a booming trade in eyelash extensions. The latest fad in beauty has been building over the past two years, according to Melbourne salon operators and it's not just the rich and famous giving their credit cards a lashing. Melbourne-based salon operator and false lash distributor Xtreme Lashes has reported its business has grown by more than 500 per cent since it began five years ago. The company operates Australia wide, providing training and products to salons, but said Melbourne was Australia's lash capital. "We have over 500 clients in Australia and New Zealand, but Melbourne is our biggest market," co-director Cathy White said. Stylist to the stars Sam Pattison worked as a make-up artist for 25 years giving celebrities the perfect lashes in films including Star Wars and Mission Impossible II. But two years ago she started her own business and has since found a growing number of typical Victorians are seeking her services. Ms Pattison still deals with many celebrities, including the cast on shows Tangled, Offspring, Neighbours, City Homicide - but sees just as many regular Victorians.

Happy lash addicts rave about their love for Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions and cosmetic products. “Wearing Xtreme Lashes is like wearing not only sexy, but supportive underwear; they brighten my eyes and make me feel like I look my best from morning to night. I am hooked! Xtreme Lash(es) extensions fit my lifestyle perfectly. I get to have ‘me’ time and relax during the application and the results don’t just make my eyes wider and brighter they also cut time on my morning routine. When your eyes look bright and awake you whole body feels it. Xtreme Lashes are the perfect answer for time poor woman.” Alex Kaszubski

We all love having bold and luscious lashes, but there is only so much that a heavy-duty mascara can achieve. For a professionally framed eye contour, we asked Sophia Tzakis from Xtreme Lash(es) Extensions how to achieve more of a permanent and tailored result. With the single application, Sophia not only extends the length and volume of natural eyelashes...


Congratulations once more to Sophia Tzakis for her editorial in "Prevention" Magazine. "False eyelashes are now more sophisticated. The new lash extensions shape and define eyes, giving greater impact at any age, says Sophia Tzakis, Xtreme Lash(es) stylist at Lash OUr Beauty in Sydney. Eyelashes can thin out as we age,...

As seen in Professional Beauty Jan_Feb_2010. Not only do the Directors of Xtreme Lashes work as a team, their products do too. Sisters and owners of Xtreme Lashes Australia and New Zealand ponder the growth of their backyard business into international success...


Lash Designers gathered in Melbourne in October, 2009 for an evening with Jo Mousselli, Founder and President of Xtreme Lashes. Mousselli said she has seen her company expand from her home in Houston, Texas and spread across the globe to over 50 countries...

 You can read about Xtreme Lashes in the latest issue of Professional Beauty! Jan_Feb_2010


 Lash Revolution is upon us

A Medical Grade cosmetic adhesive that will revolutionise the lash industry is here! Xtreme Lashes have launched Flex Fusion, a medical grade cosmetic adhesive exclusively developed to the highest standards of safety, quality and performance by scientists, physicians and expert lash stylists under the direction of Xtreme Lashes President and Founder, Jo Mousselli, RN

Xtreme Lashes receives top of the list in Bella Beauty Magazines July 09 Issue's "Romantic vs Rebel" feature. The key looks this winter are as different as night and day, so will you be playing naughty or nice with your beauty palette?


Lashes that last

Care for your Xtreme Lashes...with beauty packs caontaining: Exclusive Eye Make-Up Remover which is gentle on the bond; Xtreme Lashes Heated Eyelash Curler whichh curls without gripping delicate lashes; Xtreme Protective coating which seals the lash with a protective coating, and specially formulated Xtreme Volume Mascara which gives water-based volumising with botanical ad organic ingredients. 

 HP-Ultra, a new high performance ultra eyelash extension adhesive, is redefining the Xtreme Lashes experience. Ultra fast drying. Ultra strong bonding. Ultra flexibility. Since the adhesive sets almost immediately, HP-Ultra is a dream come true for the expert lash stylist, but is not suitable for beginners, as there is no time to make adjustments if the extension is not placed properly.


Xtreme Lashes has created an eye pencil suitable for use with eyelash extensions. GlideLiner Long Lasting Eye Pencil defines,, lines, colours and contours the eyes in one easy stroke by combining the definition of a liquid liner with the blending ease of an eye pencil. Colour glides on silky smooth and dries to a resilient, water-resistent finish that lasts all day.

At the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo last August, Texas-based trainer for Xtreme Lashes, Laura Jones wowed the crowds with her lash application speed. Jones applied 68 lashes per eye in less than 45 minutes on the live demonstration stage using the 'X' technique unique to Xtreme Lashes training...Jones explained "Lash application is no longer about throwing on a few black lashes, but about considering the shape and colour of the eye and state of the natural lashes prior to application." 


Wishful Blinking Eye Shine from Xtreme Lashes can be applied on lashes or lids for an instant twinkle or blended on cheeks and brow bones for a glistening glow. The multi-use product is formulated with calendula and chamomile extracts and developed to be compatible with eyelash extensions and able to be easily removed with Xtreme Lashes aloe vera based Eye Make-up Remover and Lint-Free Xtreme Applicators. 

Once upon a time, false eyelashes were a glue-on strip that screamed 'fake' and could fall off at any moment. Then we moved on to individual lashes which could last a day or two. But today's semi-permanent extensions can last several weeks, or indefinitely with top-ups..."Treated with care, we've had Xtreme Lashes last up to eight weeks without top-ups', says Leanne Dore, owner of (the clinic). 'By having a top-up every two to four weeks you can maintain them as long as you want.'


To really dress up eyes, try Xtreme Lashes' GlideLiner $49.95 and Wishful Blinking Eye Shine, $35. The GlideLiners combine the definition of liquid eyeliner with the ease of a pencil, and the Eye Shines add instant twinkle to eyelids, cheeks and brow bones. 

Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Primer helps your adhesives to bond faster, reducing application time. Achieve optimal adhesion on Xtreme Lashes applications when you prepare clients' lashes with the primer. The distinctive formulation works by thoroughly removing all oils and debris from the lashes, creating a completely clean lash to adhere to. This pre-treatment is exclusive to Xtreme Lashes.


The new lash colours from Xtreme Lashes are designed to either add subtle or vivid colour to the eyes. REd and Green semi-permanent coloured extensions are suitably festive and are available in different lengths and widths... 

Care for your Xtreme Lashes® individually grafted lash extensions with beauty packs containing: Exclusive Eye Make Up Remover which is gentle on the bond; Xtreme Lashes Heated Eyelash Curler which curls without gripping delicate lashes; Xtreme Protective Coating which seals the lash with a protective coating; and specially formulated Xtreme Volume Mascara which gives water-based volmumizing with organic ingredients.


Fabulous world first cosmetics for Eyelash Extensions.

Xtreme Lashes® have launched GlideLinesTM - amazing, smudge proof, lasting until removed, with their specially formulated make-up remover. It's like a eyeliner that combines the perfect definition of a liquid eyeliner with the ease of a pencil and then there is Wishful BlinkingTM Eyeshine adding an instant twinkle to eyelids or a glow to cheeks and brow bones.

All a flutter

"Xtreme Lashes®  stylist Seree-Lou from Luxxe Melbourne busily caters her talents to the many women attending some of Melbourne's greatest events. Chairman's Club Manager of the Victorian Racing Club Kelly Walters wears Xtreme Lashes® throughout the Spring Racing season and into the festivities of the New Year.


Lashes to Lashes: For the ultimate in luscious, natural looking lashes that last the distance, ask your beautician for Xtreme Lashes Eyelash extensions - the lashes that all of Hollywood is raving about!...

Lash Extensions: Create lasting lashes to-die for thanks to Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions. A professional application that lasts up to two months (touch ups are required at least once a month), individual synthetic fibers (curved to resemble your natural lashes) are glued to the lashes to create volume and length...


Lash lengtheners. How it works: Individual synthetic lashes are attached to your own using a lightweight glue. Extensions come in lengths from the natural looking 6mm to the vampich 14mm, and will stay attached for up to six weeks...

You're talking about Xtreme extensions which are loved by the likes of J.Lo and Eva Longoria. Eyelash extensions have been around forever but Xtreme have perfected super-long, super-vampy lashes that are designed to fit in with your existing eyelashes to look and feel natural...


When it comes to beauty, I love extreme results - like my reflection beaming from my nails after a mini! So, if you're the same, you'll adore the new Xtreme Lashes for exaggerated, fluttery length...

Lashes that last: Lash extensions are hardly news. Last year, just about everyone I knew was getting them. With each touch-up they'd get progressively longer and more drag-queenish...Until I met Sophia Tzakis, a beauty therapist who has been applying lash extensions for 12 years and who convinced me that after trying every brand of extensions on the market, she has finally found one: Xtreme Lashes.


Lashing Out

"Now I've had it all - eyelash extensions. And at home, too. Yes, that's right, this mobile service comes to your home and attaches individual lash extensions using suture glue and gorgeous black lashes that range from 7mm to a whopping 13mm..." 

Lashing Out: if you're lacking in lashes, but want to achieve a '60s-style Twiggy flutter effect, consider opting for false lashes or even lash extensions..."Applying lash extensions in a salon is a very delicate process in which the operator minutely applies one synthetic lash to one natural lash, using tweezers and a bonding agent," explains Cathy White, director of Xtreme Lashes...


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