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"I loved my volume training with Xtreme. Now I am able to take the lashes to the next level. Training was very In depth and I love how Xtreme focus on hygiene and lash health so much. It gives me the confidence when applying lashes that my client will satisfied and I am not compromising their lashes."

Sophie Vella

Melbourne is home to Xtreme Lashes® Australia Training Director Fran Neal who will facilitate 2 days of dedicated hands on experience and support, from training day right through to certification.

What is trending now? 3D - 6D lashes, volume lashes, layering, feathering, bridging, stacking, bottom lashes, colour, design, sparkle you name it. At Xtreme Lashes® our advanced techniques are thoroughly tried and tested prior to bringing them to market. We never compromise the integrity of the lash health by weighing them down or over compensating with a length or thickness above what the natural lash can handle. We are the leaders in eyelash extension safety after all and with our founder at the helm of health being a peadiatric nurse you can trust you will receive the most researched training to give your clients the best possible results.

Be on top of the lash game and take your business to the next level with the Xtreme Lashes Advanced Training Program. Advance your skills by learning new techniques, design concepts, or even how to get that sultry celebrity lash look!

Advanced Training: Volumation™
What it is: Volumation is the technique of adding multiple eyelash extensions to one single natural eyelash to create depth, volume and texture utilising the Xtreme Lashes Lash Calculator to calculate accurate design opportunities.

"The Lash Calculator is like nothing else on the market of its kind. Our Volumation students are using it for all of their applications. It is an invaluable tool in the lash industry." Fran Neal - Training Director

Step beyond conventional lash artistry with Volumation™, a revolutionary volume lash technique that multiplies, defines, and adds multi-dimensional volume! Enroll in this advanced-level training and learn the comprehensive skills to safely apply multiple eyelash extensions onto one natural eyelash, creating a truly customised lash look.

The Lash Calculator
At the core of Volumation lies a mathematical formula exclusive to Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli®. This proprietary equation helps determine the ideal number, thickness, and length that can be applied, while preserving the lo
ng-term health of the natural eyelash.

The Boldest Volume
Volumation training will be instructed using the all-new Faux Mink Bold Eyelash Extensions. Set to release this Spring, this ultra-lightweight, yet super-impact eyelash extension was created specifically for dramatic definition and designer applications using the new 0.07 thickness.

Xtreme Lashes New Lash Trays
During the 2-day Volumation training, students will learn the following:
  • How to calculate and apply the ideal level of volume to accommodate those with thin, short and sparse natural eyelashes as well as those with fuller, thicker and longer natural eyelashes.
  • How to create a multi-dimensional, volume lash look using thinner, shorter, and lighter weight eyelash extensions.
  • How to isolate, coat, attach, and relash using Volumation.
  • How to properly and safely remove volume eyelash extensions.
  • How to combine other advanced-level techniques (Perking, Feathering, Bridging, and Layering) and corrective techniques with Volumation.
  • How to optimise Faux Mink Bold Eyelash Extensions for Volumation and traditional, 1-to-1 application.
  • How to perform and educate clients on essential maintenance: cleansing, grooming, etc.
  • How to retail specially formulated Xtreme Lashes cosmetic products.
Why Enroll?
  • Earn more revenues with a safe, impactful, and revolutionary volumising technique.
  • Gain more clients with an elevated design skill that can dramatically transform sparse, short, and thin lash lines versus traditional, 1-to-1 application.
  • Receive an Advanced Training: Volumation certificate upon successful completion of the certification process.
  • Get two distinction logo badges, Volumation and Advanced, applied to your Directory listing to advertise your specialised skills upon successful completion of the certification process.
Training Products and Supplies

This 2-day training program includes complimentary training materials (Valued at over $350), including the ProComfort™ Ceramic Angled Tweezer plated in 24K Gold. 

To sign up for this training program, you must achieve the following prior to enrollment:
  • Attend and pass a Certification & Directory Training Program after November 2009.
  • Students must be Certified for the 30 days prior to the Advanced Training Program date.

We are currently designing our latest advanced courses to implement our NEW lash innovations and lash additions, ground breaking design, troubleshooting, problem lash solutions, new application products as well as marketing and business concepts.


Read what Volumation Students have to say:

"Having previously attended another Russian Volume 3D Lash course I found the Xtreme Lashes® Volumation training to be more indepth as well as the main differences with the lash calculator, after care and application techniques. I loved the training. I love learning new things and would love to do refresher classes on a regular basis." Jessie Tucker

"Amazing, clear and the overall concept was very well delivered with the new techniques and practical time. I left feeling feeling more confident and excited. Thanks so much. I am proud to be part of the Xtreme family!" Ana Troccoli

"Being able to make lashes thicker and fuller and the added techniques and assisted skills from the trainer was the most interesting part of the training. I really appreciated the next level in learning. Very exciting I can not wait to grasp it" Kylie Bridges

"Having someone observe and correct errors is excellent. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to implementing." Priscilla Nicholls

"There are so many new and different ideas, tips and steps from Level 1. I thoroughly enjoyed being back in a learning, environment again especially for advanced techniques and Volumation." Janice Gaudet

*Subject to changes in course structure, dates, prices and availability the course structure listed may change. Conditions Apply.

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